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  • William B. Taylor

Putting Faces to Names

At the Ancestor Detectives, we love solving family mysteries, but what love even more is being able to add faces to the many names that appear in a family tree!

Having the names of your ancestors, along with the dates of their birth and death is fine, but wouldn't you prefer to actually see what your ancestors looked like? We sure do, and whenever we can, we like to add photos to go along with an ancestor's profile.

Some people, like those on our staff, are fortunate to have families that are well-documented, due in large part to their historical importance. Finding photos or portraits of famous people is relatively easy, but what about our "regular" ancestors? Those people can be more challenging, but it's not impossible to find photos dating back to the late 1800's. Even if we can't find photographs online, we welcome the use of your photos that we can add to your personal family tree.

We don't just add photos of people though, we also includes photos or portraits of old buildings, scenes from the places where you ancestors lived that were taken or made during their lifetimes. There are also millions of headstones that are now documented online so even if you haven't been able to visit your relative's final resting place, a photo can instantly take you there. In addition to this, millions of newspaper obituaries (as well as birth and wedding announcements) are now digitized and can be uploaded to your family tree.

The Ancestor Detectives believe that a family tree shouldn't just contain names, birth and death dates, but actually tell a story about your ancestors. We work hard to ensure that what you end up with is a piece of your family history that tells a story, a story which can be passed along and shared with future generations.

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