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Family Reunion

At The Ancestor Detectives, we are passionate about family history and uncovering secrets that have been lost to time.  It's our mission to help others learn as much about their family lineage as possible and bring your ancestor's stories to life!

At The Ancestor Detectives we believe that creating a detailed family tree is both a tribute to your ancestors and,  a legacy for your descendants. More than just names and dates, The Ancestor Detectives work diligently to provide as much detail about your ancestors as possible, bringing their stories to life. Wherever possible we include photos, census records and other important documentation about your past and present family members.

We understand that sifting through hundreds of those little "hints", or reviewing old records can be daunting, but it's what we do...and we do it very well! Whether you are just starting out and want us to make a family tree for you, or whether you already have a family tree and want to take it to the next level, we have a solution that can be tailored to your needs

At The Ancestor Detectives, we want every customer to learn more about their family history, and to be happy with their results - we guarantee it!


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